MESA Utah Virtual Competition 2020-2021

Updated: January 6, 2021

This year MESA Utah will be hosting a virtual competition in lieu of our usual State MESA Competition and MESA Events at Physics Day. We’ll post rules and information as they become available.

The second competition will be the Straw Tower. Due dates for the other competitions are listed below.

  • Straw Tower Rules
  • Straw Tower Submission Form
  • Rules Clarifications:
    • You are allowed up to Fifty (50) 8 inch straws and 3 feet of tape. Follow the rules on the written rules. (The video below will be adjusted to match the written rules.)
    • You may fold or bend the straws.
    • You may cut the straws. If you cut an eight inch straw in half and use both halves, that still only counts as one straw.

MESA Utah Virtual Competition Events and Due Dates

We will be hosting the Utah Engineering Design Competition virtually. The Utah rules will follow the MESA USA rules with adaptations for virtual competition.