The mission of the Utah MESA/STEP consortium is to increase the number of underrepresented minorities and women who enter and succeed in math, science, engineering, and related technical fields. Click here to contact us.


MESA is the pre-college component of the consortium and currently sponsors clubs in 90 public schools.  About 5000 students currently participate in MESA clubs.


STEP is the higher education component with members: Salt Lake Community College, Utah State University, and Weber State University.

Goals of the MESA/STEP Consortium

  • Provide training programs and activities designed to encourage and assist females and minorities to pursue and to succeed in math, science, engineering, and related technical fields.
  • Identify and recruit targeted students to participate in Utah MESA/STEP.
  • Supplement math, science, and related curricula with enrichment activities and programs with motivate Utah MESA/STEP students to consider, pursue, and succeed in math, science, engineering, and related technical fields.
  • Develop and maintain a pipeline of students in the program from registration through college.
  • Engage in collaborative activities with business/industry, higher education institutions, school systems, government agencies, professional and community organizations , and parent groups to achieve the Utah MESA/STEP mission.
  • Secure external funding from foundations, corporations, individuals, business/industry, and government agencies for program activities.


The MESA Utah program is based on a model that originated in 1970 at the University of California. MESA Utah is partnership of public schools, colleges and universities, and local industrial supporters.  In 1985-86, MESA Utah was started as a partnership between Granite School District and the University of Utah.

MESA Utah is governed through a collaborative effort of school districts & charter schools, higher education, and industry partners.


MESA Utah is a member of MESA USA, a partnership of MESA programs from eight states. Members include MESA programs in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Utah , and Washington.

The programs are based on a common co-curricular academic enrichment model that includes academic planning, community service, family involvement, academic enrichment, hands-on engineering activities, career advising, field trips, competitions, and workshops.

MESA USA provides an opportunity for its members to share and expand strategies that work. It also allows the MESA programs to share resources and provide industry sponsors with the highest return on their investment.

MESA in Other States


The MESA Utah Program is a multi-year, pre-college program dedicated to supporting and developing the interests, skills, and abilities of K-12 students STEM. The program aims to increase the number of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and related professionals at technical and management levels in the workforce. Additionally, it serves to encourage and increase the number historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students in achieving academic and professional success in STEM fields. Through MESA Utah’s efforts, participating students receive the educational enrichment experiences and support needed to achieve academic success and prepare for college STEM majors.