Krypto is an ever popular MESA event in Granite School District.  Krypto is a basic arithmetic race game.

Krypto card games are available for purchase, but they are not necessary to play the game.

Krypto Example Card

Engineering Process Video Clips

Here’s a series of video clips that students and advisors could consider using to help plan engineering projects and competitions.

  1. What is an Engineer
  2. The Engineering Process
  3. Defining a Problem
  4. Defining Success
  5. Got Some Solutions?
  6. Let’s Fly
  7. A Case of “What-Ifs”
  8. Engineering Games
  9. Bowled Over – Isolating Variables
  10. Try Trials
  11. Succeed by Failing
  12. Fixing Failure Points
  13. Designing a Trial
  14. Testing and Trials
  15. The Robot Challenge
  16. Architecture Adventure
  17. Let’s Build a City