MESA Utah Virtual Competition 2020-2021

Updated: April 20, 2021

This year MESA Utah will be hosting a virtual competition in lieu of our usual State MESA Competition and MESA Events at Physics Day. We’ll post rules and information as they become available.

Upcoming MESA Utah Virtual Competition Events

[Calendar updated on 3/4/2021]

We will be hosting the Utah Engineering Design Competition virtually. The Utah rules will follow the MESA USA rules with adaptations for virtual competition. The MESA USA Engineering Design Competition will be held virtually in mid June.

Completed MESA Utah Virtual Competition Events

April 9 – Engineering Design Competition Part 1 – Design Brief

  • Winners will not be announced until all four parts of the Engineering Design Competition are complete.
  • We received entries from West High School, Cottonwood High School, Skyline High School, and Taylorsville High School.

April 5 – Tangram Race

MESA Utah Tangram Competition 2021

March 3 – Paper Rollercoaster

  • YouTube Playlist
  • Marble Rollercoaster Rules
  • High School Winners:
    • 1st Taylorsville High & Granger High
    • 2nd Skyline High & Taylorsville High
    • 3rd Cottonwood High, Weber High, & West High
  • Elementary & Junior High Winners:
    • 1st Bonneville Junior & Bonneville Junior
    • 2nd Bennion Junior & Northwest Middle
    • 3rd Bonneville Junior & Wasatch Junior

February 1 – Straw Tower (weight-bearing)

  • Rules
  • YouTube Playlist for Straw Tower
  • High School Winning Teams:
    • 1st West High
    • 2nd Taylorsville High
    • 3rd Cottonwood High
  • Elementary & Junior High Winning Teams:
    • 1st Bonneville Jr
    • 2nd Bonneville Jr
    • 3rd Matheson Jr

December 4 – Cleopatra’s Barge

2018-2019 MESA & STEM Action Center Grant Supplies

STEM-Logo-Action-Center-With-Action-CenterCongratulations to the clubs who received Arduino supplies.  These materials were provided by a STEM Action Center organization grant to MESA Utah.

In November, MESA Advisors were invited to fill out a request for Arduino supplies.  Supplies are being shared among the clubs that submitted requests in November.  MESA Utah used the grant to purchase:

  • 60 Uctronics Arduino Robot Car Kits (K0070)
  • 35 Arduino Super Starter Kits (Sunfounder Version 2.0 or Version 3.0)
  • 35 Elegoo Uno R3 boards (Arduino Compatible boards)
  • 20 Sunfounder Ulitmate Sensor Kits (for use with Arduino)

These kits will be shared among MESA clubs thoughout Utah.

The kits can be used for:

Thank you for your participation in MESA this year.  We look forward to seeing your Arduino creations.