MESA Utah 2021-2022 Competitions

[Page Updated on 11/24/2021]


We’re pleased to announce that there will be several virtual competitions for the 2021-2022 school year. The second competition will be the Marble Rollercoaster. There is no registration for this event, but all score submissions are due by December 24, 2021. Marble Rollercoaster event details and Tangram Race results are listed below.

Additionally, the State and National Engineering Design Competition rules can be found at:

Marble Rollercoaster – December 2021


  • Score Submissions Due – By 12/24/2021
  • Results Announcement – By early January



  • You must make sure your entire rollercoaster can fit on top of a standard-sized posterboard.

Tangram Race Competition – November 2021

High School Results

  1. High School First Place 🥇
    Cottonwood High School
    Nour A., Hadya S., Diana T., & Katelyn N.
    Score: 35 Points, 5 minutes 00 seconds
  2. High School Second Place🥈
    Taylorsville High School
    Jennifer O., Braden T., Ethan C., & Kaia H.
    Score: 35 Points, 14 minutes 15 seconds
  3. High School Third Place🥉
    Cyprus High School
    Katie B., Andrea T., & Mitchel T.
    Score: 35 Points, 15 minutes 15 seconds

Teams from the following high schools also participated: Cottonwood, Cyprus, Granger, Hunter, Kearns, Roy, Skyline, SLCSE Rose Park, Taylorsville, Weber, & West

Elementary & Middle School Results

  1. Elementary/Middle First Place 🥇
    Bennion Junior High
    Kiana L., Dante H., Khotam T., and Grady N.
    27 Points, 20 minutes 00 seconds
    Submission Date/Time Tie Breaker: 11/10/21 16:37
  2. Elementary/Middle Second Place 🥈
    Churchill Junior High
    Cole B., Nicolas S., Eli J., & Porter M.
    27 Points, 20 minutes 00 seconds
    Submission Date/Time Tie Breaker: 11/15/21 08:44
  3. Elementary/Middle Third Place 🥉
    Olympus Junior
    Max N., Charlie N., Brady O., & Spencer M.
    27 Points, 20 minutes 00 seconds
    Submission Date/Time Tie Breaker: 11/15/21 16:08

Teams from the following elementary and middle schools also participated: Bennion Junior, Bonneville Junior, Churchill Junior, Eisenhower Junior, Glendale Middle, Hunter Junior, Kennedy Junior, Matheson Junior, Nibley Park K-8, North Ogden Junior, Olympus Junior, Roy Junior, & Sandridge Junior



  • November 1: Registrations due
  • November 15: Score submissions and photographs due.


Utah Engineering Design Competition

MESA Utah will also host the state Engineering Design Competition in April of 2022. We will be following the national competition rules. More details about how, when, and where the Engineering Design Competition will be conducted in Utah will be published at a later date.