MESA Utah 2022-2023 Competitions

[Page updated on 10/3/2022]


We’re pleased to announce that MESA DAY will be live this year with several events for your teams to choose from. Each team must participate in at least 5 events. In addition, there will be THREE virtual competitions for the 2022-2023 school year. Event rules will be listed below as they become available. The State and National Engineering Design Competition rules can be found at:

Competition Calendar: VIRTUAL (submit all 3 events HERE)

  1. October 20: Cleopatra’s Barge (Rules)
  2. December 15: Straw Tower (Rules)
  3. February 10: Popsicle Stick Bridge (Rules)

Competition Calendar: LIVE on MESA DAY (March 15, 2023)

School MESA teams must participate in at least FIVE of the following MESA Day events. Up to 5 teams of no more than 4 students from each school will be invited to attend. The location and time is TBD.

  1. Egg Drop Competition [Rules]
  2. Mouse Trap Car
  3. Trebuchet
  4. Tangrams
  5. Write it! Do it!
  6. Product Pitch Review for NEDC preparation
  7. Mystery Event

Utah Engineering Design Competition (UEDC) – Qualifier for National Event (NEDC)

  • Held at the Granite School District (tall building) at 2500 South State Street, SLC, Utah (west entrance) Room D-104; D-106 from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Utah State Physics Day / Lagoon Day

National Engineering Design Competition – New Mexico

  • June: National Engineering Design Competition [Rules]