USU Physics Day

Every year hundreds of MESA Utah students participate in the USU Physics Day at Lagoon.  To participate in the MESA Utah competitions that day, students should join their local  school’s MESA club or (if none exists) form a new MESA club.  Physics day is held on a Friday in late May.

Good Afternoon MESA Advisors & Students:

We are looking forward to seeing you at Physics Day at Lagoon on May 17, 2019.  Information about the two MESA Competitions can be found here:

Event Registration:

Event Rules:

  • MESA Arduino Car Race
  • MESA Mouse Trap Car
    Note: Students are allowed to alter their cars after the speed/distance race and before the power ramp trial. Students may want to shorten their lever arms, alter the wheels, or thicken the axle (to create a low gear effect).

Event Venues:

  • Mouse Trap Car:  Black Hills Pavilion
  • Arduino Robot Car: Targhee Pavilion
  • Winner Announcements: Davis Pavilion

Event times:

  • 10:00 – All schools with names starting with letters A-D (Bonneville, Cottonwood, etc.)
  • 10:30 – All schools with names starting with letters E-L (Granger, Highland, etc.)
  • 11:00 – All schools with names starting with letters M-R (North Layton, Matheson, etc.)
  • 11:30 – All schools with names starting with letters S-Z (Stansbury, Taylorsville, etc.)

Event Winner Announcement:  Davis Pavilion @ 1:30pm

Thank you for your support of MESA programs and events!


Nathan A. Moore
MESA Public Education Committee Member

STEM-Logo-Action-Center-With-Action-Center2018-2019 MESA Physics Day Events

The MESA Events at Physics Day this year will include:

At Physics Day there will also be other events sponsored by other organizations. For more information about Physics Day, please the read the USU Physics Day Annual Teacher Letter or visit the USU Physics Day website.

Arduino Based Solutions for Humans is the MESA USA National Engineering Design Competition. This competition will NOT be held at Lagoon this year. The MESA Utah Arduino Based Solutions for Humans Competition will be held at an academic setting on a Saturday in late April.  Students wishing to represent Utah at the MESA USA competition in Arizona will need to compete in April.