Engineering Design Competition

STEM-Logo-Action-Center-With-Action-CenterArduino Based Solutions for Humans
2018-2019 Competition

Updates, information about the competition, and resources for the competition will be added to this page regularly. Many of the materials from last year below, are still relevant now.

Registration (Due April 5)

Project Reports (Due April 12)

  • Email Project Reports to: or to Nathan Moore
  • Late reports will be penalized as described in the rules.

The MESA Utah Event is scheduled for May 4, 2019 (SLCC Redwood Campus)

Draft Judges Training Materials (Uploaded 1/23/19)

Examples of Product Pitch Presentations

Note: Some Product Pitch requirements have changed this year.

  • ALL Product Pitches at Philadelphia in June 2018. This is a six hour video. Middle school presentations were at the beginning. High school presentations start in the middle (June 2018).
  • The MESA Utah High School Product Pitch starts at 5 hours and 50 minutes.

2017-2018 Competition Results

The MESA Utah High School Team from Skyline High School won first place at the national competition in June of 2018. MESA Utah did not send a Middle School team to the national competition in 2018.Skyline High - MESA National Team June 2018

2017-2018 Competition

MESA Utah sponsors an annual competition at Physics Day at Lagoon. Winning teams are eligible complete at the National Competition. These year’s competition theme is Arduino Clean Air Solutions.

Clean air is essential to human health and to all life on earth. We each breathe air into our lungs about 17,000 times daily. Our lungs collect oxygen from the air and transfer it to our red blood cells. Unfortunately, our lungs also transfer dangerous toxins from the air into our bodies. *Recently the American Lung Association ranked Salt Lake City as the 6th worst city in the nation for air quality.  Identify an air pollution problem that you will attempt to solve. You will design an Arduino-based solution to either (A) help people cope with the negative effects of air pollution, (B) help people clean polluted air, or (C) help people reduce their production of air pollution. Your device must be cost-efficient and you will need to be prepared to justify all expenses.

*Source: SL Tribune

STEM-Logo-Action-Center-With-Action-CenterTo participate in this competition, students should join their local school’s MESA club or (if none exists) form a new MESA club. Thank you to the Stem Action Center of Utah for financially supporting this competition through a STEM Grant.